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"Nothing in the world is so convincing as an idea whose time has come” 

Medistick 11

Enjoy pro-active control of your health care with the benefits of medistick

medistick is a small secure electronic device for storing and accessing personal health records. Designed to work in multiple languages and in any country.
It facilitates pro-active health-conscious people in supplying documentation of personal identity, contact persons and familiy physicians, critical emergency information such as current diagnoses, medications, allergies, risks, surgeries, vaccinations and private documents to attending physicians. You will always have instant access to your doctor’s letters, reports, laboratory analyses, findings and x-ray images.

As an active man or woman you enjoy life in sports and traveling. You are, however, aware of the risks. medistick balances the risk with a USB card or USB stick which conveniently slips into your wallet. medistick is compatible with almost any PC worldwide. On insertion via the computer USB port, your personal emergency data is automatically displayed, facilitating swift accurate medical care when needed the most, it is printable and is available in any place, at any time. The high quality translation into the popular world languages makes you independent of the national language of the country you are visiting.  

Modern doctors create a closer bond between themselves and their patients by recommending their patients use medistick - an improved health communications tool. By securely giving their trusted patients all their important medical documentation in their hands, they enhance their patient’s medical treatment anywhere. When needed the patient presents this documentation to his referred doctor, saving them unnecessary time wasting searching for files. The medistick can also be presented to an emergency care giver in emergency situations.

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