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The world is changing fast but is the health care system keeping up?

A Passport to better health care

Medistick Switzerland is the pioneer of the first multilingual personal medical aid software. Together with highly experienced medical doctors and health information experts we have invested a lot of time in research and development to empower doctors and patients through immediate access to personal digital medical records.

A short search on the internet is enough to convince anyone that in an emergency the benefits of being able to personally produce your own, or your children's, detailed medical records in 6 languages, on your conveniently available android i-Phone or tablet, can be the difference between receiving the care you need or becoming another unfortunate statistic.

                                        The traveller's indispensable best friend

The problem is greatly compounded when travelling to a foreign country

On holiday or business, a language barrier can exponentially increase the risk of errors, or/and of unnecessary tests, for which, of course, you/your health insurance company will be charged for. Not with Medistick. We have developed the software to automatically translate and display your personal health information in 6 languages.

We of Medistick Switzerland have decided to distribute our award nominated software for free to download onto your PC and phone, providing you with a truly international solution. Empowering each and everyone of you with an instantly displayable digital record of your medical history when you need it the most.

       It is our wish that you will never need it, but if you do, you will be glad to have it.

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